Why did Rebecca leave


Tom Torbeyns: http://openairoutreach.proboards.com/thread/3006/pelagius-augustine-finney Apr 20, 2015 6:24:45 GMT -5
Tom Torbeyns: ? Apr 20, 2015 6:24:56 GMT -5
Joshua Travilla: This outreach really defines what is boldness in Christ all about! May God bless you all the more. May 8, 2015 17:46:36 GMT -5
Joshua Travilla: Ministry workers must be bold enough to let sinners know that they need to repent for Christ is coming. God loves us if we repent! May 8, 2015 17:48:23 GMT -5
Joshua Travilla: Thank you for the encouragement Jesse Morrell! May 8, 2015 17:48:58 GMT -5
amymarie: God has put on my heart street ministry. I was wondering if there was any active street ministries in Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers or Siloam Springs AR. I am not prepared yet but want to answer the call. I would love to see an active ministry May 30, 2015 11:11:42 GMT -5 *
Moromons are Christians: Mormons are Christians Jun 22, 2015 12:27:30 GMT -5
Moromons are Christians: I Believe in Jesus Christ Jun 22, 2015 12:28:31 GMT -5
LDS-Spencer: I believe that The Bible is True Jun 22, 2015 12:29:48 GMT -5
TruthBrigader1: No - Mormons are NOT Christians! They deny the deity of Jesus Christ (teach He is the created brother of satan, NOT the One Who was with Jul 2, 2015 19:56:46 GMT -5
truthbrigader1: Mormons are NOT Christians! False Prophet, crook, cheat & liar - Joseph Jul 2, 2015 20:31:30 GMT -5
The one: I like cookies Aug 11, 2015 16:38:31 GMT -5
The one who serves he: The Lord will forgive your sins and worldly trangressions. Your way is not the way of the light. When even the blind can see such things it is time to walk a new path. Aug 11, 2015 19:39:57 GMT -5
hungry for youth: any cute boys on this thread? the altar's getting lonely. Aug 11, 2015 19:49:53 GMT -5
Jesse Morrell: Hi. I'm a piece of nuts. Please someone hit me with a bus. Aug 11, 2015 23:53:27 GMT -5
Human: I don't agree with the guy either but how bout no Oct 4, 2015 18:02:53 GMT -5
sallyb: Praise the Lord for those who can street preach what a wonderful gift. I will pray for my brothers and sisters that God will continue to protect you an give your courage and boldness and may the angels of the lord cover yous and protect you all.... Oct 10, 2015 20:58:56 GMT -5
hi: hi Oct 15, 2015 17:54:58 GMT -5
mb: I'm so proud to see the school I attended and the school I work at on this list. It's almost as good as having Westboro Baptist show up to my funeral (goals!). Any teacher who would object to their students being silent for a day is insane. Oct 26, 2015 19:52:21 GMT -5
ayylmao: what ub! :DD:DD@!!! braise jebuss!! :DDD Nov 11, 2015 11:59:28 GMT -5
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